Have a question or want to know more about how to buy wine through Vini, well below you will find some FAQ’s and if it's not there hit us up at info@vini.co. We will do our best to get back to you ASAP.  


Good old Canadian Dollar Back.


You can order through vini.co app or by live chat (launching in January 2016 or maybe sooner).  Its all online for now.

Ordering through VINI

  • Check out our wines selections and just add them to the shopping cart.

  • When you are done and getting thirsty just add items to your cart, double check what you got and then go to checkout. When you checkout, we will ask for personal, billing and delivery, details.

  • Double check your order and then submit. Once that's done, order, you will be able to check it out once more then it's done. You will receive a note from VINI on your order with all the details of what you just ordered including what your purchased, cost breakdown, payment and delivery info.  

Your first order creates your account with us or you may have one created one before hand without ordering either way you are now a part of Vini’s family. You can log into your account anytime to check out status and what you’ve ordered.  We will also keep an eye on what you’ve ordered and from time to time send you out reminders if you want to reorder or for anything we have that's new. When you decide to come back its easy peasy and you will be logged in and can shop around for stuff.


So unfortunately you have to be 19 years of age and older, this isn’t Europe yet.  You also need to have two pieces of ID in order to receive your order in person. You also can’t sell or give to anyone who appears to be wobbly or a little loaded or in the words of the government intoxicated. It's not cool and can really get you into trouble with the “MAN” our gov’t and there are some penalties under the Liquor LIcence Act for ignoring them.

Be cool with how you handle your alcohol consumption.

Vini always encourages good times when drinking but never get behind any wheel, bicycle handlebars or on someone's back for a piggy back, just be cool about how you manage what you drink.


All and any wines can be returned within 30 days of purchase for store or Vini credit.


Vini accepts online mobile payments using Payfirma and so that means you have more ways to pay online e.g. VISA, Mastercard, and others. We do not accept cheques or cash that's kind of old school and we are part of the new online economy.

Due to the laws that govern our beautiful province of Ontario, the liquor regulations require payment be in full before your stuff gets delivered to you.  


Vini does not actually ship but our wine agent affiliates do and currently it's either done by their private delivery trucks or in some cases by Canada Post or private courier or hurrier or UBER.

Other than private or special custom order wines, all Vini products are shipped anywhere in Ontario within 5 business days. Sometimes product might be from different areas you may get them separately when ordering multiple items.

More notes on delivery:

  • So because our Government really cares, it is a must that Vini’s customers receiving wine orders be 19 years of age or older and not drunk. Our delivery folks are good people and they may ask for your ID (please have at least two pieces of gov’t issued ID with your age on it) and you gotta sign for your stuff.


So if you aren’t around to receive your order, you will get a notice to pick it up at the nearest depot or whatever your notice says on it. Has all the info on it and where to grab it.  Remember if you forget about it and don't claim it, it will come back to us and you will get charged again for delivery.  

If your shipment is by private courier we will contact you for delivery time and coordinates. If you aren’t around you a note will be left on how to get it rearranged.  You will be charged if we have to come back, it's only fair however if it's a good enough excuse we may just bring it and then you owe us a drink.  


Once your order is placed and confirmed, you can track your status by logging into Vini. You can see where your order is at by either seeing online that it is in limbo, sent for processing or you are good and it's on its way. We are all over our Vini orders so you won’t be left hanging, never.

If for some reason things go sideways send us an email info@vini.co.


When you create your account through Vini you are always welcome back to come and hang with us, you can just login in with your email and password and come on in. We have all your debts and history on file nice and secure for no one else to see but you.


So you might have forgotten a few things, well to get your account login dets. 

As usual you will need to give us your email address and if you are the real deal and a part of the Vini family you dets will be sent back to you to the email address you used and is on file.


You gotta be of legal drinking age to buy and receive any type of alcoholic product and other restrictions may apply.


Hey sometimes it happens and that's cool.  We get it. If for some reason you aren’t that thirsty anymore or changed your mind just email us at info@vini.co

Please note the only challenge with cancelling is once it's in the system and processed it's off to you as quickly as we can get it to you.  Once it's in we can’t cancel however we can always figure something out as we do accept returns.  Should you want to return the product and its not opened then feel free to ship it back to us at your cost. Just email info@vini.co to and we can sort you out.


Damaged items are as about as rare as seeing dinosaurs in real life, sometimes stuff happens and bottles may arrive broken. Vini understands this and we will replace or refund your order as quickly as possible. If your order arrives damaged, you can either:

  • Don’t accept the delivery. So the package will be returned to Vini.co wine agent affiliate. Please notify us of the damaged items and we will replace or refund your order.

  • Take the delivery. If you take the delivery, you can start drinking the ones that aren’t damaged and we will send out a fresh bottle or refund the broken one just let us know ASAP.


Your security and ultimate confidence in Vini is our number one priority. Therefore, we place amazing care to protect the privacy of your details and billing info. Your dets are tight with Vini.

Vini is a SAAS based software tool and stays current and on top of security according to all major best practices in the mobile industry and security technology to ensure the protected confidentiality of transactions across the online world. All confidential and sensitive info is transferred and stored in encrypted form of the highest level.

As always you should always make sure your passwords are impossible to crack and use the most current and up to date software on your mobile device or web browser with at least 128-bit encryption while shopping on our website.

Please contact your mobile provider or go through your phone and do updates, not sure where to get your browser updates go here:

Internet Explorer Update | Chrome Browser | Firefox Update


We aren’t perfect so if you notice any typo’s, wrong info, any errors at all we would appreciate your help and let us know just email us at info@vini.co